ESS/MAX IV Online Summit

ESS/MAX IV Online Summit

Thursday, 14 October 2021 09:00 - 16:00

Your ideas are needed! Come and discuss how academia and industry in Sweden can benefit from the two world-leading research facilities ESS and MAX IV.

What strategies can be applied to ensure that the knowledge generated by MAX IV and ESS can be applied more widely in society? How do researchers from academia and industry acquire the latest knowledge and obtain access to the facilities?

This year's ESS / MAX IV Online Summit will be held on 14 October. In the morning sessions, representatives from the facilities will be describing what they have been doing in the past year and what lies ahead. You will also hear how industry is working to take advantage of the research tools available at ESS and MAX IV, and also get the latest information about current projects and government assignments linked to the facilities.

After lunch, in a series of digital workshops, you will have the opportunity to present all your constructive ideas. We look forward to hearing them!

Don't miss this opportunity to influence how we can increase the societal benefits from being the host country for two world-leading research facilities.

The plenary morning sessions of the Summit will be held in English, and the afternoon workshops in the preferred language of the groups.


The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova through the ESS / MAX IV Office


Register here, no later than 8 October.