EPICS for Commercial and Industrial Automation Control

EPICS for Commercial and Industrial Automation Control

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 16:00 - 20:00

Virtual, (Google maps)

EPICS is open source software that enables industries to integrate and develop industrial automation control systems. EPICS comprises a set of software tools and applications used to develop and implement distributed control systems. The tools are designed to help integrate large numbers of diverse, controlled devices and systems into a central control system.

The EPICS community arranges collaboration meetings for developers and managers from the various research facilities that use EPICS tools. One of the meeting days is devoted to industry, where industry representatives are invited to attend and listen to talks about how EPICS can be used to improve production and efficiency in tech companies.

We are giving our member companies the opportunity to participate in one of these information meetings on 20 October. Don’t miss this chance to find out more about EPICS and how the software can benefit your company!

Tech Transfer

One of Big Science Sweden’s key areas is tech transfer, making scientific and technological development accessible to a wider range of users. EPICS is an innovation, one in which we see great potential for developing tomorrow’s industry. A first step to making EPICS available to our Big Science Sweden community is to invite you to this information meeting, which is arranged by the EPICS community.

The meeting will be held in virtual form, but pre-registration is required.


16.00 • Introducing EPICS for industries. Henrik Carling, Head of Division at European Spallation Source ERIC at ESS

16.25 • Developing EPICS for large-scale applications. Bob Dalesio, One of the founders of the EPICS software toolkit, developing the original code base and building the EPICS community since the late 1980s at EPICS

16.50 • Experiences using EPICS in commercial contexts., Rok Sabjan

17.15 • Experiences from delivering EPICS as a software house, Andrew Foster

17.40 Break

18.00 • Technology focus: large scale integration with OPC UA, Ralph Lange

18.25 • How science facilities work, Freddie Akeroyd

18.50  • Fairmat: a new model for sharing data, Ralph Ernstorfer

19.15 • EPICS demonstration