BigScience@LTU 2022

BigScience@LTU 2022

Wednesday, 2 March 2022 09:00 - 12:00

Luleå University of Technology
Regnbågsallen, A-huset, A3101c, Luleå, (Google maps)

Partner Event • How Luleå University of Technology is working in relation to Big Science research organisations and how this can be developed.

Big Science research infrastructures are not only important tools for academia. The actual building and upgrading of these infrastructures also drives the development of new cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Academia benefits in many ways when contributing to the upstream delivery of technology to Big Science research organisations. Another advantage is the potential for new collaborations with both industry and other research facilities.

Researcher, your expertise is needed! Come and learn how to get involved in the development of Big Science research infrastructures.

This workshop will identify the university’s areas of strength, and explore how the university can become more involved in delivery to Big Science facilities.

Big Science Sweden is Sweden’s Industrial Liaison Office. Luleå University of Technology is part of the consortium behind Big Science Sweden.

Participation by invitation only



Sweden as a Big Science nation

Anna HallProgramme Director at Big Science Sweden


How we work with research infrastructure at LTU

Prof. Pär WeihedPro Vice-Chancellor at LTU




Collaboration with CERN

Prof. Patrik FernbergMaterials Science at LTU


Establishing contacts with large research facilities

Prof. George NikolakopoulosRobotics and Artificial Intelligence, LTU


How can we help and support researchers in work with Big Science Sweden

Dr. Ekaterina OsipovaResearch Advisor, LTU, and Big Science Sweden

Lars-Åke IsakssonBusiness Development Officer at LTU Business and Big Science Sweden

Dr. Adam WikströmBusiness Development Officer at LTU Business and Big Science Sweden




A joint discussion about LTU's areas of strength in Big Science

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