AIMday Big Science Technology 2021

AIMday Big Science Technology 2021

Thursday, 14 October 2021 09:00 - 17:00

Wednesday 14 October 2021 the focus will turn to future needs and long-term partnerships. The day will be structured according to the internationally recognised workshop approach called AIMday, developed by Uppsala University.
The aim of the workshops is to help enable long-term collaborations, by sharing knowledge, presenting expertise, and gaining first-hand information about the needs of research facilities and their current and future challenges.
The Big Science research facilities will be formulating the questions, and the discussion panels will be made up of scientists from around Sweden, together with representatives from companies that deliver to Big Science.

Choose the topic of you interest

  • Materials
    - Advanced Materials
    - Advanced production methods
    - Carbon fibre & Composite material
    - Magnets & Cryo technology
  • Robotics and Remote handling
  • Big Data, Software development, AI/ML, control systems
  • Detector technology & Instrumentation, Diagnostics
  • Energy & Energy efficency

This event will be updated

Big Science Sweden contact: Fredrik Engelmark