Additive manufacturing: challenges and opportunities for business models

Additive manufacturing: challenges and opportunities for business models

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 14:00 - 16:00

Uppsala University Innovation, Online via Zoom and, depending on recommendations regarding Covid-19, Uppsala University Innovation
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, Uppsala Science Park, 751 83 Uppsala, (Google maps)

Additive manufacturing is changing how we design, manufacture, and use both existing and new products. Academic research and industrial development has focused mainly on getting the technology to work and on its application in developing new materials and optimising production processes.

Additive manufacturing will also change how companies run their businesses, how they position themselves in markets and value chains, how they interact with customers, how they define their core business and, ultimately, how they earn their income. If we are to benefit from this new technology, we need a complete understanding of its potential, including applications relating to business modelling.

AddLife Competence Centre, Big Science Sweden, and ÅMA Ångströms Materials Academy invite you to a seminar on the challenges and opportunities when additive manufacturing is applied to business models. We are inviting researchers from various disciplines, representatives from industrial companies, public agencies, and the health care sector to discuss how additive manufacturing can change the way we organise companies, how we understand user needs, and what regulatory aspects it will encompass. In other words, how additive manufacturing might change the logic on which business is based.   


Location: Online via Zoom (and, depending on recommendations regarding Covid-19,  Uppsala University Innovation, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, Uppsala Science Park).

14:00 • Welcome and introduction

14.05 • Christina Öberg, Professor in Marketing at Örebro University School of Business

14.20 • Marcus Lindahl, Professor at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Uppsala University

14.35 • Kajsa Björklund, Director Technical Operations, OssDsign

14.50 • Andreas Södergren, Sales Manager, Digital Mechanics

15.05 • Short break

15.15 • Panel discussion

15:50 • Summary and conclusion


AddLife – is a VINNOVA Competence Centre that gathers more than 20 dynamic partners in academia, industry, and the public sector to support development of expertise in Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences.

Big Science Sweden – the official Swedish ILO (Industrial Liaison Organisation), helping big research facilities across the world find Swedish suppliers.

Ångström Materials Academy (ÅMA) at Uppsala University – a platform for collaboration between Uppsala University and industrial companies for research and development in material sciences.

Contact: Fredrik Engelmark, Ernesto Gutiérrez (Big Science Sweden ) or Anna Franzén (UU Innovation)


The workshop is free of charge, but advance registration is required.

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