Accelerating the industrialisation of metal 3D printing

Accelerating the industrialisation of metal 3D printing

Tuesday, 25 January 2022 13:00 - 15:00

This industry satellite session will be held online during The DESY and European XFEL Users' Meeting 2022.

Accelerating the industrialisation of metal 3D printing

Industrialisation of 3D printing offers the opportunity to simplify and accelerate production and development processes. The technology provides the chance to completely rethink products in terms of design and functionality.

For metal processing, additive manufacturing is opening up new dimensions: It enables filigree shapes for complex components that would not be possible using conventional manufacturing processes. At the same time, mastering the materials is challenging and prone to risk.

Learn more about the current opportunities and challenges relating to metal 3D printing

  • How can we prepare 3D printing technology for serial production?
  • What methods for quality assurance need to be developed?
  • How can X-ray analyses help to identify defects at an early stage?
  • What processes at nanoscale influence the outcome of printing processes?
  • What can DESY contribute with its equipment in the area of process optimisation, analysis, and standardisation?
  • How can the research facilities of tomorrow, like PETRA IV, contribute to these findings?

The seminar Accelerating the industrialisation of metal 3D printing will include input from scientists and industry experts. The seminar is online.

To book your place, please send an e-mail to Dr. Nadja Kölpin or Dr. Sabine Brock.

A detailed agenda and information about how to join the meeting will be available in due course.

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