A webinar series with ESS experts on innovation for industry

A webinar series with ESS experts on innovation for industry

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 14:00 - 15:00

Organizer: ESS

Learn more about some of the innovative solutions developed specifically for the ESS project – on the topic of ESS Accelerator & Detector Technologies in this new series of webinars brought to you by the Accelerate 2020 project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme.

More than 70% of the ESS technical scope is built using In-Kind Contributions. As a result, ESS is committed to fostering collaboration with its In-Kind Partners, all while actively engaging in joint efforts to deliver In-Kind scope on time and budget. Still, ESS is an organisation heavily focused on the future too. The future where Research Infrastructures, Innovation Clusters and Industry will be working together to harvest amazing technical and technological opportunities that ESS will provide in days to come.  

Building on the success of the previous series of webinars with ESS experts, Accelerate 2020 now brings you a new series addressing the progress, challenges and opportunities in the context of the ESS Accelerator and Detector Technologies.

Neutron converters for detectors – How ESS tackled the challenge of He3 shortage by setting up a mass production facility for depositions of thin films of 10B4C

Accelerate Task 3.2 Webinars • Second in a series of Accelerate Task 3.2 Webinars which will discuss the Neutron Detector Systems of the European Spallation Source ERIC.