17 February 2021

Welcome to a new member company, LK Precision in Skogås

One of the new member companies of Big Science Sweden is LK Precision, which produces components for industries with exacting requirements in terms of precision and performance. This applies to, for example, medical technology and the space industry. 

Bogdan Renholm, Technical Sales at LK Precision

“We work with advanced machining in steel/aluminium  and plastic,” explains Bogdan Renholm, Technical Sales.

“It can involve components with complex geometries and narrow tolerances – needles for use in the human body, for example, or components in a product that will be sent into space. Pinpoint accuracy and precision are vital, because life and health are at stake.”

Cutting-edge technology for exacting requirements

Bogdan’s assessment is that LK Precision, with its experience and expertise, can match the exacting requirements of the research facilities. “There’ll no doubt be challenges when we encounter extensive and complicated procurements, but we offer cutting-edge technology, have the best machines, and have long experience of industry, working from concept to finished product.”

Long-term strategy

The move towards Big Science is a long-term strategy. Now the company is making contacts and building up relations.

”I’ve looked at the supplier network in Big Science Sweden and see many interesting companies,” continues Bogdan. “We’re familiarising ourselves with the procurements from the research facilities, to find articles that suit us.

We’re in no hurry. Right now, the order book is full because of Corona. We’re supplying, for example, blood pumps to the healthcare service. But we’re looking forward to introducing ourselves in different ways.”