16 April 2024

Vacuum technology seminar provides valuable insights

Our recent online Big Science Technical Seminar on vacuum technology attracted a lot of interest, and participants heard the latest news on upcoming vacuum requirements at ESS and FAIR. The seminar also included a basic introduction to vacuum technology and its applications.

Marcelo Juni Ferreira, ESS, Fredrik Arrhén, RISE and Andreas Kraemer, FAIR

Important field for research facilities

Mike Olsson from Big Science Sweden moderated the seminar, and emphasised the importance of vacuum technology for the research facilities. This was also made clear in the presentations by the representatives from FAIR and ESS.

Fredrik Arrhén, Senior Scientist at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, gave us some insights into the institute’s research focus on vacuum technology, and also announced plans for a training session, “Vacuum training for technicians,” to be held later this year. Keep an eye open for that!

Big Science Sweden Calendar

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Big Science Technical Seminar: Vacuum Technology, Thursday, 11 April 2024
Moderator: Mike Olsson, Big Science Sweden


  • Marcelo Juni Ferreira, Vacuum System Group Leader, ESS
  • Andreas Kraemer, Department Head Vacuum Systems, FAIR
  • Fredrik Arrhén, Senior Scientist, RISE