15 July 2021

The Swedish Guide 2021 – now published

This year’s edition of The Swedish Guide, an extensive publication of 306 pages, features presentations of no fewer than 229 companies, with their skills and areas of expertise. The Guide also features 87 Swedish academic contributions to major research facilities around the world.

“It’s particularly pleasing to be able to give Swedish suppliers the chance to show what they can offer the Big Science market,” says Cajsa Fredlund.

The Swedish Guide provides up-to-date information about Swedish high-tech companies, research institutes, and universities, and what they can offer the Big Science market in terms of products and services.

Sweden as a leading Big Science country

“The Swedish Guide is a good way for us to promote Sweden as a leading Big Science country,” explains Cajsa Fredlund, Communication Manager at Big Science Sweden.

“In the Guide, we show the broad range of what Swedish suppliers, institutes, and universities have to offer the cutting-edge Big Science market.”

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