14 February 2022

Team members you may not have met

Over the past years, we have welcomed a number of new colleagues. Mike Olsson has joined us in Lund, Carin Eklöf-Österberg and Philip Gillgard are based at Chalmers Industriteknik in Gothenburg, Mattias Viktorsson works at RISE in Borås, and Lars-Åke Isakson and Jonas Hjelm are based at LTU Business in Luleå.

Mike, Lars-Åke, Carin, Jonas, Philip and Mattias.

Several of our part-time staff are shared with universities and institutes, which gives us a broad coverage.

We asked them to briefly describe their professional careers.

Mike Olsson, Business Development & Project Management, Lund

”I recently completed my doctorate at Lund University, with my thesis Machinability of Single-Phase Materials. The needs of research facilities for materials such as tungsten, niobium, pure copper, and molybdenum influenced the direction of my studies. Theoretical studies in materials science were combined with practical testing.”

Lars-Åke, Business Development & Project Management, Luleå

”I have a Master of Science degree in computer science with specialisation in industrial electronics, together with a teaching qualification in mathematics and electronics. My extensive experience in IT and electronics was gained through my work at Ericsson Erisoft, Telia Research and Vattenfall Eldistribution, and by working as director for different groups at three different companies. I am co-author of 21 patents. I specialise in internationalisation of SMEs and enhancing innovation management capacity for SMEs, with a focus on IT and electronics.”

Carin, Business Development & Project Management, Gothenburg

”I have a degree in Technical Nanoscience from Lund University and a PhD in Materials Science from Chalmers University of Technology, where my main tool for analysis was neutron scattering, making me a downstream user of Big Science facilities. I enjoy working at the interface between academic research and business, disseminating knowledge about new technology and managing innovative development projects.”

Philip, Business Development & Project Management, Gothenburg

”I have a degree in Business Administration and a PhD in Materials Science. I’ve been working with research and innovation projects for many years, within academia, small and large companies, and institutes. My interests are in matching research with real needs and developing sustainable marketing strategies for new products and services.”

Jonas, Business Development & Knowledge Transfer in Luleå

”I have about 30 years of experience from industrial R&D, business development management positions, and strategy consulting in industrial and public sectors. My specialisation is knowledge-based businesses and how to exploit, operationalise and commercialise knowledge and intellectual property.”

Mattias, Business Development & Project Management, Borås

”My 25 years’ experience of project management at RISE has included participation in several networks aimed at helping SMEs to innovate and to be competitive. I provide information about the Swedish innovation system and financing solutions, and help companies find international business partners. I advise companies on many topics relating to internationalisation and EU legislation and funding, providing guidance about any testing and certifications needed, and the directives and standards a company must comply with.”