3 January 2022

SVT News: Swedish experiment can provide answers to what happened during the Big Bang

ESS Neutrino Super Beam is a new particle accelerator project backed by a consortium of scientific institutions from eleven European countries. The plan is to place the accelerator next to ESS. This will enable the project to make use of the neighbouring cutting-edge facility to find the answer to one of the big conundrums in physics – why do we exist?

“We want to find out how it came about that we can sit here and talk to each other,” says Tord Ekelöf, professor of theoretical physics at Uppsala University and scientific leader of the ESS Neutrino Super Beam project, to SVT News.

Maja Olvegård, accelerator physicist at Uppsala University, is involved in designing the new accelerator, ESS Neutrino Super Beam. She explains the purpose of the project in the SVT News feature on how the small particles will help to solve the mystery of the universe.

“For me, it’s about finding out why we’re here. Why are we made up of matter, and why did the antimatter disappear in the Big Bang? It’s an existential question.”

svt.se: Neutrinos can provide answers to what happened during the Big Bang (in Swedish)