8 May 2023

Study visit to DESY and XFEL results in strategic contacts

Member companies recently joined Big Science Sweden on a study visit to the Hamburg science innovation ecosystem and the research facilities DESY and XFEL. The packed programme also offered opportunities for the companies to present their competencies and make key contacts.

Samuel Axklo from 2B Best Business in discussions with engineers at XFEL.

The intensive programme on the three-day study visit to DESY and XFEL was filled with site visits, company presentations, workshops, 1-to-1 meetings and, not least, informal activities that promoted networking.

Fredrik Engelmark and Adam Wikström, Business Developers at Big Science Sweden, emphasise the importance of Swedish companies taking part in such study visits.

“It’s a big advantage when companies can present their skills and expertise in person, and also build their own personal relationships with key personnel at the facilities.”

The study visit was arranged by BigScience.dk, together with BIGINN partners from Lithuania and Spain.

<p>Adam Wikström from Big Science Sweden is supporting the group. </p>

Adam Wikström from Big Science Sweden is supporting the group.