2 November 2022

“Student programme at CERN can open the door to a career in Big Science”

In a popular lunch seminar at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, Julia Hellström, Big Science Sweden, talked about how she heard about the Technical Student Programme at CERN, how she ended up doing research there, and how it helped her career.

Julia Hellström conducted research on the Technical Student Programme at CERN while she was a postgraduate student, and this proved to be the launch pad for her career in Big Science. She is now working as Business Developer at Big Science Sweden.

”I was happy to share my career story with Uppsala students today and I hope they felt inspired. Working in an international research environment definitively sharpens your technical competencies and provides credentials for future jobs.”

Big Science Sweden Outreach – the link to a career in Big Science

Sweden is a powerful Big Science nation, and one way to maintain this position is to constantly interest new generations of students and researchers in a career in Big Science.

Big Science Sweden Outreach spreads information about what the research facilities can offer. Our current focus is on CERN, whose Outreach Programme is well established. CERN offers a wide range of career opportunities for students, graduates, and experienced professionals.

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