1 June 2021

Step by Step Big Science Procurements – popular and informative event

A large, interested, and engaged audience made sure they did not miss any tips about procurements, when Big Science Sweden arranged the event Step by Step Big Science Procurements. Representatives from ESS, CERN, F4E and ITER participated.

Step by Step 27 May 2021

An introductory round of pitches, in which participating companies presented what they can offer Big Science, made a clear impression on the research facilities. “An impressive range of competencies,” was one comment.

Ask questions, check procurement websites regularly, register in databases

The procurement rules and procedures for the research facilities vary, but the representatives from the facilities had some recommendations in common. They all encouraged the companies to be active, to make contact, and to ask questions.

“We see that the companies that ask many questions, making sure they are well informed, are also those companies that submit the best offers. So ask questions!” said Charlotte Rafsten, Procurement Officer at ESS.

Another recurring piece of advice was to register the company in supplier databases, and to keep up-to-date about upcoming calls by regularly monitoring the facilities’ procurement websites.

Instructive for both companies and research facilities

The representatives from ESS, CERN, F4E, and ITER went through different principles and procedures for procurement, tender documentation, and selection criteria in terms of technical requirements and price. Naturally, this was interesting and important for the participating companies, but also for the research facilities themselves, since they learned more about each others’ procedures and were able to ask questions.

“Work together with us, make use of our channels

Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden, summed up the day, and emphasised the importance of working together. “We see how important it is to stay up-to-date, broaden contact networks, and find collaboration partners to work together with in consortiums and with large system suppliers.”

She also encouraged companies to use the ILOs, like Big Science Sweden, but also those in other countries. “Work together with us, make use of our channels, use us to find the right contacts, and broaden your contact networks.”