31 May 2022

Steering Committee enjoys ESS tour

Members of the Steering Committee of Big Science Sweden, kitted out in safety equipment, enjoyed their special guided tour of ESS.

The Steering Committee of Big Science Sweden had gathered for a meeting in Lund, and Anna Hall took the opportunity to arrange for the members to experience at first hand the fantastic building, which is now nearing completion at Brunnshög in northern Lund.

“What a great visit!” said a delighted Anna Hall. “It’s so good to so see ESS and the ESS people again after so long. My thanks to Mirko Menninga for hosting our visit.”

Mirko Menninga, Head of Supply, Procurement and Logistics Division at ESS, was more than happy to show the visitors the campus and the site.

“So nice to have you all here. Extra thanks to my colleague Ulla Hammarlund for the great site tour. Big Science Sweden is doing a fantastic job and you are always welcome,” he said.