25 January 2021

Specialist expertise in processing of exotic materials led to CERN order

Our member company, 2B Best Business, has received its first order from CERN, likely the first stage in a rewarding collaboration with the facility. Congratulations 2B Best Business!

Samuel Axklo, Technical Manager at 2B Best.

“CERN became interested in us, partly because of our experience of working in tungsten,” explains Samuel Axklo, Technical Manager at 2B Best. “In this order, we’ll be supplying mechanical components in tungsten for a radiation protection chamber.”

Physical meetings have not been possible, but the collaboration has worked well remotely. Samuel Axklo has received 3D files from CERN, and used them as a basis for drawings of the mechanical parts.

“We’ve been sending the drawings back and forth to check details and the end design. It’s a really interesting approach, where everything is designed from a production perspective without compromising when it comes to function of the workpieces.”

Since tungsten is an expensive material that is difficult to process, the company is currently developing prototypes in aluminium. Later in the spring, the final mechanical components will be delivered in tungsten. Samuel Axklo is optimistic about new orders from CERN.

“I think the combination of me being able to make drawings based on what can be machined and our specialist expertise within exotic materials such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and many other materials, made us interesting as a partner and supplier. We’re already getting signals that the collaboration will continue.”

Luca Rosario Buonocore

Luca Rosario Buonocore

Luca Rosario Buonocore, Robotics Engineer at CERN is involved in the project, and appreciates the smooth collaboration with 2B Best and Samuel.

“The cooperation has been super useful. We’ve been able to share knowledge and Samuel has given rewarding feedback on design and on how to plan for cost-effective production.”