6 February 2024

Site visits to MAX IV and ESS booked up in no time

Around 20 lucky participants of the Swedish Big Science Forum were able to join special guided tours of MAX IV and ESS, held the day before the Forum started. The number of places was strictly limited, so only those who were quick off the mark managed to get places.

The entire group in front of ESS.


Highlights of the visit to ESS were the RF gallery, the target, and the Hot Cell where radioactive material will be handled. Once the facility is in operation, no one will be allowed in the Hot Cell – all the work will be done by remote handling and robots.

Carwyn Jones (Remote Handling Work Package Manager) was our guide on the tour. 


At MAX IV, which has been in operation since 2016, our guides were Olof Karis (Director), Heidi LaGrasta (Outreach Officer), and Magnus Larsson (Head of Industrial Relations).

Thank you!

We at Big Science Sweden would like to extend our sincere thanks to MAX IV and ESS for this  unique opportunity to get behind closed doors and see the two major Big Science research facilities in Lund.

<p>A smaller group visited MAX IV.</p>

A smaller group visited MAX IV.

ESS, currently under construction in Lund, Sweden, will be a multidisciplinary research facility using the world’s most powerful neutron source, based on particle accelerators and spallation technology. ESS will provide neutron beams up to 100 times brighter than those currently available, which will enable groundbreaking research in a wide range of areas, including the environment, health, materials, and energy. 


The MAX IV Laboratory is a synchrotron light facility, whose beamlines provide modern X-ray spectroscopy, scattering/diffraction, and imaging techniques. This is the world’s most brilliant synchrotron light source, capable of viewing material structures atom by atom. MAX IV facilitates discoveries of new structures at nano-level, and scientists are able to monitor chemical processes in real time.

Swedish Big Science Forum in Lund 2024

Swedish Big Science Forum is our biennial event where high-tech industry and academia meet with European Big Science organisations to hear about the latest developments and explore new opportunities. The forum is characterised by stimulating presentations and discussions, along with plenty of opportunities for networking.