8 March 2022

RFR Solutions to supply equipment to CERN for high-tech research

RFR Solutions has won an important order from CERN for the Hi-Lumi HL-LHC project, where the HL-LHC particle accelerator is being upgraded. The contract involves developing cryostats for interconnection of superconducting cables.

Benny Björkander, Managing Director, RFR Solutions

RFR Solutions has previously supplied components to the innovative DFHX cryostat, currently undergoing validation at CERN. This new order comprises most of Sweden’s first K-contract with CERN, and will be carried out in collaboration with Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. Tord Ekelöf, professor of particle physics, was the initiator in the project.

“Becoming involved in supplying equipment for research at the highest technological level is extremely exciting, and shows that RFR Solutions is taking another step towards becoming a specialist company within stainless steel,” says Benny Björkander, Managing Director of RFR Solutions AB.

RFR Solutions will now manufacture the components for the cryostats, which must function in a vacuum and at very low temperatures of around 20 Kelvin (-250° C). As part of the project, RFR Solutions will also build a new test and measurement centre for leak detection, dimension control, etc.

This is a valuable order for RFR Solutions, and the equipment will be supplied in 2022-2023.

Big Science Sweden congratulates our member company RFR Solutions on the successful collaboration and on being awarded the interesting contract.