12 September 2021

Quality Management event attracts great interest

Our recent Big Science Morning on Quality Management proved popular, and participants were given valuable tips ahead of upcoming procurements.

As a high-tech supplier, it is easy to focus too much on the technical specifications when submitting a tender for a contract from the research facilities. However, as this Big Science Morning showed clearly, it is also vital to be on top of the specifications regarding quality. It is important to have an updated Quality Management Plan in place, and to become familiar with the research facility’s work on quality and inspection points.

We heard presentations from two research facilities – Mattias Skafar from ESS and Stefan Wikman from F4E. Richard Becker from the Studsvik company talked about how they are working with F4E.

Håkan Nilsson, Big Science Sweden, talked about his experiences at RISE.

Thinking of submitting a tender? Here are the best tips from the speakers at the event:

  • Communicate – ask questions
  • Read all the documentation carefully, and make sure you understand everything
  • Provide detailed answers to every question in the tender documentation
  • Start the process in good time – don’t underestimate the time it will take

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the documentation, specifications and requirements. The speakers advised working methodically and systematically, and getting in touch with the designated contact person at the facility if you need to ask any questions. Early contact is a proven way of getting your company known.

Big Science Mornings

“By sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences, we’re making it easier for companies to respond to procurements from the research facilities,” says Anna Hall, Programme Director, Big Science Sweden.

“We see that activities such as our Big Science Mornings are generating interest, enabling companies to make new contacts, and giving them guidelines on how to find out more about procurements.”