7 September 2020

Qtech Group receives order from ESS

The research facility ESS in Lund is under construction, as is its workshop, and a number of Swedish companies are vying to supply services. One company that has recently for the first time been awarded an order to supply the workshop is our member company, Qtech Group in Anderstorp in Småland.

Sofia Davidsson, Business and Project Developer at Qtech Group

Sofia Davidsson, Business and Project Developer at Qtech Group

“We’re really pleased to get our first order from ESS,” says Sofia Davidsson, who works with project and business development at Qtech.

“We meet ESS’s stringent requirements for quality, and this is an important step ahead of future procurements.”

Qtech Group first came into contact with Patrik Andersson, Head of the ESS Manufacturing Section, during the Big Science Sweden Conference last autumn. They booked a 1-to-1 meeting with Patrik.

“We had many interesting areas to talk about, and we arranged a new meeting at which we could give Patrik a virtual tour of our production facility,” explains Sofia Davidsson. “We work with advanced mechanical components, and we could explain how we work with design, construction, prototypes, and project management.”

Patrik Andersson explains why Qtech was awarded the order. “Qtech Group works with a large contact network that we can benefit from, and they put together solutions that we can see are of high quality. The order concerns support for a component in the accelerator. It’s a good first order, a low-value procurement of just the right size to give us an impression of Qtech as supplier. We will certainly do more procurements in the future that will be of interest for Qtech.”

Big Science Sweden has also helped the Qtech Group establish contacts at CERN and ESO, and the company has responded to procurements for major projects that extend over several years. Decisions on these procurements will be made shortly.

We say congratulations to the Qtech Group and wish them the best of luck!