7 December 2023

Qamcom broadens its contact network at CERN

For our member company Qamcom, Big Science is an important business segment. Earlier this year, the company won an important order from SKAO – the Square Kilometre Array Observatory – and is now working strategically to expand its contact network at other research facilities.

From left: Johan Lassing (Qamcom), Richard Jacobsson (CERN), Patrik Dehlfors (Qamcom), Fredrik Engelmark (Big Science Sweden), Alexandre Charpy (Qamcom), Thorbjörn Widhe (Qamcom).

Direct applications for Qamcom’s expertise

Fredrik Engelmark is Business Developer at Big Science Sweden and ILO for CERN. In November, he and representatives from Qamcom visited CERN, where he had booked meetings with key personnel. Productive discussions were held with the Electrical Engineering group and with the group working on electronics design and low-level software.

Fredrik emphasises the value of Swedish companies investing time in visiting research facilities and building personal relationships.

“At CERN we talked about possible future collaboration opportunities, and we could see direct applications where Qamcom’s expertise could fit in.”

Follow-up at Swedish Big Science Forum

Fredrik will be holding a follow-up meeting with Qamcom and CERN at the Swedish Big Science Forum in Lund, 31/1-1/2. Fredrik is looking forward to the Forum, which representatives from CERN and a number of other research facilities will be attending.

“Qamcom is a fine example of an engaged Swedish company whose products are highly interesting for the Big Science market,” he continues.

“Naturally, we’re hoping that many other companies take the opportunity to participate in the Forum. They can not only book constructive meetings with prospective business and collaboration partners, but also get a good insight into what’s going on at many international research facilities.”

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