26 May 2020

New knowledge, networking, and constructive dialogue at training session on procurement

How can companies boost their chances of winning contracts from research facilities through procurement processes? In a recent Big Science training session, 22 participants wanted to learn more about the procurement process, but also wanted to talk with other members in the Big Science network and learn from each other’s experiences.

Winning Big Science Contracts 26 May 2020 • The instructor, Ohad Graber-Soudry, EU lawyer and expert on public procurement processes, described each of the important stages in the tendering process, and gave tips on how to improve tenders and how to find information about a tenderer’s rights.

It is important to understand the regulatory framework for different types of facility. Is the research facility a national or international organisation, or is it an ERIC, i.e. part of the European Research Infrastructure? Different legal frameworks apply.

Ohad gave three key tips: Read the tender documentation carefully, identify all the compulsory information that must be provided, and use professional help, like Big Science Sweden.

Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden: “Don’t hesitate to contact us, and don’t hesitate to talk with a technical officer at the facility and discuss different technical solutions.”