11 November 2020

Positive tones at this year’s Big Science@LU on Lund University’s role in Big Science

The annual Big Science@LU event on 5 November attracted around 40 Lund University researchers with links to various national and international research facilities such as ESS, MAX IV, CERN and Fair.

The results of a workshop showed what many people see as clear strengths.

During the day, participants discussed the university’s areas of strength in Big Science, together with world-leading researchers around Europe. Many discussions focused on how Lund University will continue to be an active player in the national ecosystem around Big Science.

One of the speakers at the event, Mats Lindroos, Head of the Accelerator Division at ESS, stated that ESS receives many requests from other international research facilities seeking help with various projects. This raised questions such as: How can Sweden create a platform for delivering knowledge internationally? What are the university’s areas of strength in Big Science?

A knowledge ecosystem

In Lund, construction of the new Science Village is well under way. What is being created is a knowledge ecosystem of international significance, including a new Science Centre, ESS and MAX IV. The university will be gradually establishing various research departments in the same area.

“We will be leading the way, showing others that this is the place to be,” says Sven Lidin, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Lund University. “Collaboration between the research facilities, academia and industry opens opportunities that we can help each other identify and understand.”

Communication and collaboration

Lennart Gisselsson from Lund University/Big Science Sweden, and organiser of the seminar, was pleased with the outcome.

“A day like this gives researchers at the university an opportunity to speak with a collective voice, highlighting various areas of strength for the university and the faculties concerned. This is a much-appreciated platform for communication and collaboration.”

This year’s Big Science@LU was co-hosted by Lund University, Big Science Sweden, and LINXS.