10 May 2021

Popular seminar on collaboration between industry and academia

Our recent seminar, Academic infrastructure for industrial development, proved very popular. This was an informative afternoon, where participants heard about a number of examples of how academia and industry can work together for mutual benefit.

Peter Bergkvist and Reza Afshar were the guides of the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University.

Sweden currently has unexploited potential in the use of research infrastructure, both for research and industrial development. At this seminar, Big Science Sweden and the ÅMA Ångström Materials Academy at Uppsala University invited representatives from selected research infrastructures and industrial companies to share information about capacity in research environments, with a focus on materials research. The aim was to share knowledge and pave the way for greater collaboration.

A virtual tour

Participants took part in a virtual tour of the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. Project Coordinator Peter Bergkvist and researcher Reza Afshar were the guides, and they showed examples of interesting collaborative research projects currently taking place, demonstrating how academia and industry are already working together.

In the final half-hour, participants could drop in to various digital meeting rooms to ask questions, to network, and to engage in further discussions with the speakers and with each other.

Industry and academia are working together

“This has been a really rewarding and inspiring afternoon, with concrete examples of how industry and academia are working together,” concluded Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden. She also emphasised that it is in the national interest to facilitate and promote Swedish cutting-edge research.

“Big Science Sweden has built up extensive knowledge and networks in the Big Science ecosystem, both in Sweden and internationally. We encourage researchers and industry representatives to get in touch and make use of our expertise and our contacts.”