29 November 2023

Popular Focused Technical Seminar on beam instrumentation

Participants at this recent Focused Technical Seminar were brought up to date about beam instrumentation and diagnostics at CERN and MAX IV. Both facilities are constantly looking for business and academic contacts for possible future collaborations.

Thibaut Lefevre, CERN, Mike Olsson, Big Science Sweden and Stephen Molloy, MAX IV

About 35 people joined the online meeting to listen to Thibaut Lefevre, Head of the Beam Instrumentation Group at CERN, and Stephen Molloy, Head of Accelerator Operations at MAX IV. They gave interesting and informative presentations on the latest news about beam instrumentation at their respective facilities.

Precise measurements and improved reliability

Thibaut Lefevre described CERN’s comprehensive work to develop and maintain instruments for measuring the beam position in an accelerator. Future challenges include finding cost-effective ways to measure narrow, high-energy particle beams in a radioactive environment.

Stephen Molloy emphasised the importance of continuous operation. Much of the work on beam instrumentation involves improving reliability of the accelerator and the synchrotron ring. The accelerator must run without disruption so that researchers can complete their experiments.

Interest in Swedish companies for future projects

Advances in beam instrumentation and diagnostics are often the result of major projects run by the facilities together with companies and universities.

Both Thibaut Lefevre and Stephen Molloy described how the facilities are continually working to develop beam instrumentation, and welcome contact from Swedish companies with relevant specialist expertise to discuss possible participation in future projects.

Contact Big Science Sweden

Mike Olsson, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden and moderator of the event, concluded with an important message to participants.

“If you work in a field relevant to beam instrumentation, get in touch with us at Big Science Sweden. We can then put you in contact with the right people at the facilities.”