17 November 2022

Philip Gillgard joins Big Science Sweden Knowledge Transfer Office

How can industry and society benefit from the pioneering research conducted in the large-scale research facilities, resulting in, for example, new materials, products, and processes? This is one of the issues that the Big Science Sweden Knowledge Transfer Office addresses.

Our knowledge transfer team has recently been strengthened by the addition of Philip Gillgard, who will be dividing his time between Chalmers Industriteknik in Göteborg and Big Science Sweden.

“This is an exciting field that can generate massive benefits for industry, society, and the Big Science community. My R&D background from academia, research institutes, and industry has given me a sound understanding of the different needs in our network. I’m looking forward to helping disseminate the knowledge and technology being developed at the research facilities, and thereby promote its practical implementation.”

Downstream and upstream knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer involves a flow of knowledge both downstream, from the research facilities to industry, and upstream, from industry and academia to the research facilities.

“Big Science Sweden works on a wide front to stimulate this knowledge transfer in both directions,” explains Philip Gillgard.

“We set up a collaboration at an early stage with CERN, which has extensive experience of knowledge transfer. The CERN Knowledge Transfer Group held discussions with Swedish companies, and matched the challenges they were facing with CERN’s unique know-how. This is an example of a successful initiative that led to a number of concrete collaboration projects.”

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For more information, please contact: Ernesto Gutiérrez or Philip Gillgard