14 March 2024

Opportunities for working with Big Science research facilities

Frida Tibblin Citron, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden, recently gave a presentation at Ideon Innovation’s breakfast meeting at Ideon Science Park in Lund. She explained how we work, and talked about the opportunities for business with international research facilities.

Frida Tibblin Citron at the Ideon Innovation breakfast meeting.

Opportunities and benefits

The engaged audience, mainly comprising representatives from start-ups, heard how Swedish industry and academia can benefit from Big Science research facilities through business, collaborations, various student programmes, and knowledge transfer.

This is Big Science Sweden

Business and Innovation

We act as a bridge between the Big Science research organisations and Swedish industry, academia, and research institutes. We provide first-hand information on business and collaboration opportunities, and work actively to match Swedish companies with the research facilities' identified needs and current procurements.

Knowledge Transfer

Big Science Sweden creates value for Swedish industry and society by facilitating the transfer of new knowledge, technology, and expertise between Big Science and other areas of application.


We provide information to Swedish students and professionals about careers development and openings offered by the Big Science research organisations.