3 March 2022

New order to FAIR strengthens TQG's reputation as a reliable supplier to Big Science

Our member company The Quantum Group, TQG, has won a contract to supply a 4-MW DC Power Source with Harmonic Filter to FAIR (Facility for Antiproton Ion Research) in Germany.

Carlos Cordova, CEO of TQG

This DC Power Source for the CR* Dipole Magnets Power Converter (rated at +/-2750V; +/-1500A) was developed at TQG. The product has a compact and lean design based on switch-mode technology with an active front end, which will minimise impact on the grid.

“Our solution is highly efficient, which directly translates to significant savings in operational costs over the estimated lifetime of the component,” explains Carlos Cordova, CEO of TQG.

AQ Elautomatik, the subcontractor for this project, will be building the power source based on a build-to-print design from TQG. The order value is SEK 6.8 million and delivery is scheduled for 2025, with final site acceptance tests at FAIR planned for mid-2026.

This order is a one-off, but it will certainly help to strengthen TQG's reputation as a reliable supplier of high voltage power converter designs and products to the Big Science community.

Business Corner on 2 March 2022

At our Business Corner on 2 March 2022, TQG described the procurement process. They emphasised the importance of getting acquainted with all the technical details, having other companies to team up with, and when everything is in place… “Go for it!”

Big Science Sweden congratulates TQG on the new order!

* The Collector Ring (CR) at FAIR is used for stochastic pre-cooling of antiprotons and rare isotope beams before they are injected into the RESR storage ring.