27 November 2023

Big Science at Skånes Industridag

Our member companies Fagerström Industrikonsult, RFR Solutions and Examec recently participated in the IUC Syd industrial conference, Skånes Industridag. The three companies now work together, aware that collaboration puts them in a stronger position to win more orders from the international research facilities.

Amelie Hallin and Mike Olsson, Big Science Sweden, led a discussion about Big Science at the conference. From left: Carl Johan Fagerström (Fagerström Industrikonsult), Benny Björkander (RFR Solutions), Amelie Hallin, Mats Ohlsson (Examec ) and Mike Olsson.

“We knew it would put us on the map”

For many high-tech companies in Skåne, Big Science remains a relatively unknown market, despite the presence of ESS and MAX IV in Lund. At the conference, Carl Johan Fagerström, Managing Director of Fagerström Industrikonsult, stressed the importance of aiming high and investing time when responding to procurements from the research facilities.

“When we submitted our first tender to ESO, European Southern Observatory, we took a calculated risk, and put a lot of hours into preparing our bid. We knew we had a strong offer and knew that, even if we didn’t win that particular contract, our competitive and well-prepared tender would put us on the map.”

Collaboration based on respect and trust

Fagerström Industrikonsult did win that contract, and this was their route into the Big Science market. It also initiated a close partnership with RFR Solutions and Examec which, like Fagerströms, now include Big Science among their core activities.

“Over the years, we’ve built up a strong trust in and respect for each other’s expertise, and we work with great openness and transparency. It’s a real strength to collaborate with other companies that can contribute their own specialist expertise and thereby broaden the offer.”

“Contact Big Science Sweden!”

An audience member asked where a company should start when it wants to enter the challenging Big Science market. Mats Ohlsson, CEO of Examec, was quick with the answer.

“Contact Big Science Sweden! They’ll give you all the information and help you need to get started and put you in contact with the relevant people at the research facilities.”

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Swedish Big Science Forum: Fagerström Industrikonsult, RFR Solutions and Examec will be participating.