14 October 2019

Luma Metall wins substantial order from CERN

Luma Metall AB in Kalmar, a Swedish high-tech producer of Ultra Fine Wire, has won a large order for more than 400 km wire. The company’s wire will be used for the upgrade of the ATLAS detector at CERN.

Press release, October 8, 2019

Ulrich Stöhr, Sales & Marketing at Luma Metall: 

– As a supplier, we’ve consciously tried to establish close contacts with researchers all over the world, not least those in CERN’s global network. We engage in both small and large procurements – even small contracts that don’t generate much money are important for establishing relationships. By delivering a high-quality product, we’ve built up a good reputation, and we’re now CERN’s go-to supplier/single source of thin special wire.

Sven-Christian Ebenhag, Business Development at Big Science Sweden: 

– We’re impressed by the cutting-edge technology that Luma Metall has developed, technology that’s made them unique in the world. The company won orders to supply wire to CERN from an early stage, and soon they’ll also be supplying to ESS. As a member company of Big Science Sweden, we can help Luma Metall broaden its market and establish contacts with other types of research facilities, such as ITER.