6 March 2024

Kompressorteknik wins new order from CERN

Kompressorteknik in Norrköping has been a regular supplier of products and services to CERN since 2013. Another sizeable order is extending the collaboration by a further four years. The new order concerns CO2 accumulators for the ATLAS and CMS Phase II upgrades.

Peter Wassberg is co-owner at Kompressorteknik, a company in the Big Science Sweden supplier network.

Overall responsibility

Kompressorteknik will be responsible for design, construction, and delivery in 2026, after which they will provide maintenance and development services until 2028.

Peter Wassberg, one of the co-owners, is delighted about the contract.

“This is a good order, and shows CERN’s confidence in us as a supplier. It’s a contract in which we have overall responsibility, and we’ll be working together with a local company on producing stainless steel components.”

Success factors

When Kompressorteknik started its operation in 1999, two of its engineers had already worked with CERN in a previous organisation. When CERN was looking for a new supplier ten years ago, these engineers with their experience were an important factor.

Peter Wassberg emphasises the importance of long-term relationships and good awareness of the facility, but also identifies other success factors.

“This is about development and research. CERN wants a partner that understands and speaks their language, one that is engaged and committed. At the start, they perhaps couldn’t define exactly what they were after, so it become a development process we worked on together. And naturally, the supplier must supply products and service of the highest quality, which is exactly what we’ve done over the years.”

Collaboration important

Kompressorteknik sees the advantages of collaborating with partners. The company is part of a cluster of enterprises manufacturing refrigeration and automation components. By contributing different types of specialist expertise, collaborations can come up with combined solutions.

Monitor upcoming needs

Involvement in projects at an early stage is crucial.

“You also need to be aware of research facilities’ upcoming needs. You can then plan and decide on tenders and participate in the customer’s needs assessment, the earlier the better,” concludes Peter Wassberg.

Big Science Sweden congratulates Kompressorteknik on its successful long-term collaboration with CERN and on the new order!