7 May 2024

Join us at Almedalen Week, 25-28 June

Big Science Sweden will once again be attending Almedalen on Gotland to participate in discussions and to raise issues that are important to us. We are working to strengthen Swedish industry and Swedish research, with the aim of making Sweden more competitive in the exciting Big Science market.

Cajsa Fredlund, Frida Tibblin Citron, Catarina Sahlberg, Amelie Hallin, Fredrik Engelmark

Come and see us in Visby!

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Connecting Swedish industry, universities, and research institutes with international research organisations

Catarina Sahlberg Programme Director, +46 729 99 92 91

Fredrik Engelmark Business Developer & Project Manager, +46 72 999 92 68

Knowledge transfer

Frida Tibblin Citron Business Developer & Project Manager, +46 76 144 33 81

Career opportunities at Big Science research organisations

Amelie Hallin External Relations Manager, +46 701 40 02 44

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me

Cajsa Fredlund Communication Manager, +46 705 09 29 32

Big Science Sweden

We are Sweden’s Industrial Liaison Office (ILO), with national responsibility for facilitating contacts and building networks with the European research facilities that Sweden is involved in funding.

Big Science Sweden creates value for Swedish industry and society by facilitating the transfer of new knowledge, technology, and expertise between Big Science and other areas of application.

Big Science research organisations have a fantastic range of student programmes and career opportunities. We provide information about career development and openings offered by the research organisations to Swedish students and professionals.