7 March 2023

Intensive period for careers initiative

This spring, we are intensifying our outreach work, spreading information to Swedish students and researchers about the fantastic career opportunities afforded by Big Science. The large research organisations, not least CERN, are offering interesting student programmes and internships.

Big Science Sweden Outreach in Uppsala and Luleå

At the Young Researchers event in Uppsala on 2 March, Ernesto Guitérrez from Big Science Sweden met students curious about a future career at CERN. The opportunities currently available, including CERN’s Technical Student Programme, attracted a lot of interest.

A few days later, it was Amelie Hallin’s turn, when she talked to students at Luleå University of Technology. Richard Jacobsson, Swedish researcher at CERN, took part via a link, and gave an inspirational presentation about his own journey, from undergraduate studies to his current work as senior researcher.

Keep an eye open for upcoming Outreach events

The events at Uppsala and Luleå together attracted no fewer than 300 students, and our Outreach tour, Big Science at Lunchtime, continues. Some dates for your diary:

  • 13 March: Stockholm University, 12.00-13.00. Aulan, AlbaNova University Centre. “CERN, the world’s most advanced instrument – My career through CERN”.
  • 15 March: Digital lunch meeting, 12.10-13.00. “From CERN to Space” with Christer Fuglesang.
  • 16 March: Chalmers University of Technology, 12.15-13.00 (prel.) “CERN – the world’s coolest workplace” with Richard Jacobsson, Senior Researcher at CERN.
  • 17 March: Lund University, 12.15-13.00. “CERN – the world’s coolest workplace” with Richard Jacobsson, Senior Researcher at CERN.

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