29 November 2022

Intensive ILO meeting at European XFEL

“Meeting in person is so valuable, because you can put a face to different people while strengthening our network,” says Julia Hellström of Big Science Sweden. She was in Germany, at an event where XFEL updated its member countries’ ILOs about the latest developments and needs.

At the meeting for ILOs in November at European XFEL outside Hamburg, Antonio Bonucci, Head of Industrial Liaison Office and In-kind Contributions, gave an update on the latest developments at the facility, and he introduced Dirk Jordan, the new Head of Procurement at XFEL.

In addition to presentations, discussions, and networking, the participants were given a guided tour of the facility with various stops, including the High Energy Density (HED) experiment station (above). This is an experiment that simulates extreme environments, for example the interior of planets.
More info: Insights into the experiment station HED

Good opportunities for Swedish suppliers

European XFEL has been in operation since 2017, so is a relatively young facility.

“It still feels quite new, but a lot of exciting developments are taking place,” says Julia Hellström.

“The facility works closely with industrial partners, and appreciates how national ILOs can help expand its supplier network. XFEL’s collaboration with industry is working well, and the research taking place offers good opportunities for Swedish companies. I’d say a particular need right now is on superconducting undulators and high-precision mechanics.”

More information

For more detailed information about future needs at European XFEL, contact Julia Hellström, at Big Science Sweden.

The European XFEL (X-ray Free Electron Laser) outside Hamburg officially began operations in 2017. This year sees its fifth anniversary of user operation this year, which has included commissioning a new instrument. Researchers from all over the world work at XFEL on multidisciplinary projects.