16 December 2021

Innovate with Big Science: Knowledge transfer – how do we make it happen?

At this morning event on 2 December 2021, CERN, FAIR, ESS and F4E presented their knowledge / technology transfer programmes, giving examples of what the facilities can share, and how industry can benefit.

Anna Hall, Han Hubert Dols, Martina Bauer, Jimmy Binderup Andersen, Carmen Casterasand Per Runeson.

Anna Hall, Programme Director of Big Science Sweden and Swedish ILO, moderated the event, with a focus on the challenging core question: Knowledge from research facilities can boost industrial competitiveness… but how do we make it happen?

Five research facilities reported on exciting current initiatives to increase knowledge and technology transfer. We were given these updates by the speakers at the event:

  • CERN: Han Hubert Dols, Head of Business Development Section
  • FAIR: Dr. Martina Bauer, Innovation Manager GSI
  • ESS: Jimmy Binderup Andersen, Head of Innovation and Industry
  • F4E: Carmen Casteras, Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer Officer
  • Lund University: Per Runeson, Professor of Software Engineering.

So, how do we make it happen? Here are some of the suggestions from the exercise that captured ideas from the participants:

  • Create new alliances where industry can take action and hold discussions openly.
  • Use the support available from the ILOs.
  • Work closely with the scientific institutions.
  • Regular marketplaces with industry where the challenges facing the facility and industry can be discussed.
  • An innovation ecosystem needs to lower the barrier to engagement. “Meet the stakeholders eye-to-eye.”
  • Add knowledge that can improve existing products/materials.
  • People need to meet and build up confidence through open discussions.

To find out more about how the participating research facilities are working with knowledge and technology transfer, see the presentations here.