9 January 2023

Improve your skills with RISE – see the courses on offer in the spring programme

Do you work with measurement, testing, or quality issues? If so, then check out the courses offered by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, in its extensive spring programme.

Mattias Viktorsson, Big Science Sweden and RISE: As a member company, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the courses arranged by RISE Mätteknik..

RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, promotes innovation and development in small and medium-sized companies. An important part of the work is to offer skills development, e.g. training courses. These are arranged in many fields, including measurement technology, testing, and quality.

What do you or your company need in terms of skills development?

Mattias Viktorsson is a business developer at Big Science Sweden and project manager at RISE. He emphasises the importance of collaboration and dialogue between RISE and companies.

“By strengthening collaboration with companies and understanding their challenges, RISE can put together relevant training courses and even customise training for a specific company,” he explains.

As a member of Big Science Sweden, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the courses arranged by RISE Mätteknik. 

See the spring programme and register here

Contact at RISE Mätteknik: Viktoria Jonasson, 010-516 56 39

Specialist research is carried out at RISE, and test and demonstration facilities are available that are highly relevant for high-tech industry. For example, many companies use RISE when they want to test sustainability of new products and materials, fire safety, and much more.

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