2 September 2021

Important milestone for The Quantum Group

The research facility FAIR, under construction in Darmstadt, Germany, has selected our member company The Quantum Group (TQG) in Lund, for a contract to supply High Voltage Pulse Transformers.

Carlos Cordova, CEO at The Quantum Group.

TQG specialises in electrical power supply system solutions for scientific facilities. The new contract includes design, production, testing and supply of high voltage matching transformers for indoor operation. The product will be delivered in January 2022.

Trusted supplier of High Voltage Pulse Transformers

The Quantum Group has designed a product that can be easily adapted to different customer requirements. Carlos Cordova, CEO at The Quantum Group, explains the importance of this new order.

“High Voltage Pulse Transformers are a key element of machines producing short but high intensity beams. This is an important milestone for TQG in becoming a trusted supplier for High Voltage Pulse Transformers around the world, and we are proud to have FAIR as an important reference customer.

“We now have a complete design software and methodology in place that can easily adapt to different customer requirements. Compared to current market standards, we can supply a more compact and cost-effective product with the same performance.” 

Good opportunities for attracting new customers

The Quantum Group also has the capacity to  design and build the full stack, from pulse transformers to fully integrated modulators, and hopes to attract new customers in the fields of medical applications (e.g. proton/electron machines for cancer treatment), food treatment (e.g. pulsed electric field technology), X-ray cargo scanners, powerful radar systems, etc. in the near future.

Relatively new to the Big Science market, Carlos Cordova and his staff look forward to continued support from Big Science Sweden, not least with news and communication concerning procurement information.

Congratulations to the group on winning this strategic new order from FAIR!