3 June 2024

HPC facilities an interesting market for Swedish companies

Mattias Vesterlund, who shares his time between Big Science Sweden and RISE, recently took part in a workshop in Barcelona. Tell us about it, Mattias.

Mattias Vesterlund at the HPC Infra Workshop in Barcelona.

HPC Infra Workshop 2024

“I was at the HPC Infra Workshop 2024, where representatives from various HPC (High- Performance Computing) facilities met and shared the latest news about their facilities and equipment.

“The most important aspects for me were to build networks, make contacts in Euro HPC, and learn more about how Swedish companies can offer their services and products to these facilities. 

“I had, for example, a rewarding discussion with a representative from MareNostrum 2, an HPC facility in Barcelona. This is clearly a market with great potential for Swedish companies.”