23 June 2021

How do you manage financial risks when conducting Big Science business?

Our recent Big Science Morning, involving EKN (the Swedish Export Credit Agency), Fagerström Industrikonsult, and Omnisys Instruments, focused on this aspect of business, and attracted a lot of interest.

EKN: Greger Leijonhufvud and Anna Långström share information about financial services and risk management.

Conducting business with research facilities is often associated with a number of uncertainties and financial risks. Thankfully, help is at hand. Greger Leijonhufvud and Anna Långström from EKN presented the wide range of services that EKN provides.

Fagerström Industrikonsult received great help from EKN

“When you’re submitting a tender, start discussions with EKN and with your bank at an early stage, and make sure everyone gets the full picture,” recommends CEO Carl Johan Fagerström. “Analyse the technical challenges, form partnerships with others, and constantly assess the risks – there’s no shortcut, do the work!”

Carl Johan told us that the contacts with EKN were crucial for Fagerström’s most recent contract. “In general, it’s always good to get external help. Objective comments and constructive criticism are valuable, as is working together to find good solutions. But particularly for this type of Big Science contract, working with EKN is a must. Companies of our size can never win big contracts without EKN,” concludes Carl Johan.

EKN, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, is a public authority tasked with promoting Swedish exports. This is done by insuring companies against the risk of not receiving payment for export transactions.

EKN also insures banks' lending and credit to both exporting companies and their buyers.

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