14 December 2022

Habia Cable wins order to supply sample cable to CERN 

Through market surveys and tenders, our member company Habia Cable has won an order from CERN to supply a sample batch of cable for testing in the pixel detector in the Atlas Tracker.

Habia Cable offers customised cable solutions for critical connectivity needs. The solutions ensure superior levels of performance and safety in the world’s most extreme environments.

Requests for cables customised for CERN requirements

Habia Cable has been working with CERN for more than 20 years. Thorbjörn Gustafsson, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Habia Cable, tells us that, over the years, they have been involved in a number of successful projects for different applications.

“With the upgrading of the CERN experiments, we’ve been getting more and more requests about cables that meet CERN’s specific requirements. Through market surveys and tenders we’re now very pleased to have won this new order for a sample batch of cable for testing in the pixel detector in the Atlas Tracker.”

Thorbjörn Gustafsson at Habia Cable

Thorbjörn Gustafsson at Habia Cable

The cable is designed with a total of 48 cores with various cross sections, groups, and screens. For the core insulation Habia is using PEEK, a crystalline thermoplastic, for its outstanding temperature, radiation resistance, and electrical properties.

Thorbjörn Gustafsson is cautiously optimistic about follow-up orders.

“After successful testing at CERN, we’re confident that, maybe after a few adjustments, we’ll get an order for the full amount of this cable for use in the ATLAS Experiment.”

Big Science Sweden congratulates Habia Cable on the new order and its successful long-term collaboration with CERN.