28 February 2024

Great interest in learning more about tenders

Our information meeting on how to respond to procurement calls proved popular. In 45 productive minutes, participants were instructed in how to use our online guide, and the supplier company Hemi Heating shared its experiences.

Submit bids and win contracts!

Adam Wikström from Big Science Sweden presented our guide to procurements, and explained how it simplifies the process of submitting tenders. Also participating in the meeting was Sören Christensen, Sales Manager of Hemi Heating, who described his company’s experiences of bidding for Big Science contracts. Hemi Heating has won a number of orders from different research facilities.

Where’s the best place to start?

“Register in the supplier databases of the organisations you’re interested in. Talk with the people responsible for the procurement. Talk to the ILOs at Big Science Sweden too – they have the latest information and can help you with contacts.

“Once you get started, it’s not all that difficult. Research facilities are like normal customers, but you have to familiarise yourself with rather more extensive documentation requirements in the procurement procedure.”

Does being a supplier to Big Science bring any special benefits?

“Yes, it gives you the chance to discuss different technical approaches and work together to find the best solution. This helps improve skills and expertise in your company. And, of course, it’s a big plus to have major research facilities among your references.”

How to register and submit tenders

The guide, which is in Swedish, describes the research facilities’ procurement procedures and how they process submitted tenders, and includes links to more detailed information specific to each facility.