3 December 2020

Focused Technical Workshop: Remote Handling

On 22 October, Big Science Sweden gathered industry, academia, and research facilities in a technical workshop on remote handling. The workshop included presentations, constructive discussions, and updates on the facilities’ current challenges and needs.

Robotic support for CERN: Teodor robot

Another successful event, combining a general overview of remote handling with effective networking between Swedish high-tech industry and Big Science actors.

“Representatives from ITER, ESS and CERN were present, specifying what skills and expertise suppliers needed,” said Julia Hellström, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden. “We were given an interesting overview of how robotics and automation are playing an important role at the research facilities, and interesting discussions were held with the participating companies from Swedish industry.”

Safety and accessibility priorities at CERN

Mario De Castro from CERN gave an example of remote handling, describing how their robotics section is collaborating with the facility’s own fire department on developing a new radar system. He also announced CERN was interested in getting into contact with companies with experience of radar systems designed for this type of application, for search and rescue operations.

Upcoming ESS procurement

ESS announced that, in 2021, it will be launching a procurement process for seven casks, consisting of large steel and lead combination bodies with a hoisting system, control and safety systems, and user interfaces.

Presentations and documentation
See the recorded presentations and read documentation from the event here.