18 February 2022

Fagerström Industrikonsult supplies robots to Forsmark nuclear power plant

In 2021, Fagerström Industrikonsult AB, based in Helsingborg, started delivering its purpose-built robotic system, developed in-house, to the nuclear power station in Forsmark for use in decontamination processes.

The robot solution in the Forsmark contract greatly improves the work environment in the plant.

“Previously, a member of staff in full protective equipment had to wash all operating equipment, but this is now done by a robot controlled from an external position shielded from radiation,” explains Carl Johan Fagerström, CEO. “This is an important work environment issue, as staff are no longer exposed to radiation.”

Carl Johan Fagerström

Carl Johan Fagerström

The robot removes radioactive particles from components that are undergoing maintenance or are to be replaced. The components are placed in a steel box, where they are washed by a robot arm. The technical solution chosen involves the robot blasting the component with glass beads in the washing process.

Fagerström Industrikonsult has previously supplied decontamination equipment to several other nuclear power plants.

“The biggest difference with this order is that we are not just supplying equipment but a fully automated comprehensive system for the entire chain, in which all the components communicate with each other,” says Carl Johan Fagerström.

Fagerström engineers designed the system, which was built by RFR Solutions in Landskrona, working closely with the engineers. In 2021, seven units were delivered to Forsmark, and six more will be delivered in 2022.