17 April 2024

Examec wins another order from ESS

Our member company Examec in Tomelilla continues its successful collaboration with ESS. The new contract concerns an unusual type of transporter, a Light Shutter Handling System. Production is under way and the order, worth around SEK 1 million, is to be delivered before the summer.

Mats Ohlsson: “We started by submitting tenders for simple contracts, showed that we could meet all specifications.”

Big Science an early target market

Examec, specialists in advanced high-precision machinery, have been working strategically for over ten years on becoming an established actor in the Big Science market. The company was one of the earliest to see the potential in the market, and was awarded the first contract from ESS, in October 2013, for a Neutron Splitter Test Enclosure.

The new order concerns a Light Shutter Handling System, a maintenance system that will be fitted under light shutters. The order is one in a series of enquiries Examec has received from various research facilities, and Mats Ohlsson, founder and managing director, is pleased with the way the company has developed.

Regular enquiries from Big Science research facilities

“Today, we’re receiving regular enquiries from Big Science research facilities, and for a handful of them we’re ‘top of mind’. This is the result of our conscious effort to gain a foothold in the Big Science market”.

For Examec the work continues to establish itself as a reliable supplier, one that is in demand. Recently, the company submitted a tender for an order from CERN worth SEK 16.5 million.

Network of local companies can serve ESS

Examec is part of the network of competent Swedish companies that has been built up over the years in the local region around ESS.

Frida Tibblin Citron, business developer at Big Science Sweden, emphasises the importance of this network.

“As the facility moves into the operative phase, these companies, all of which lie within a radius of 200 km, will be able to provide ESS with products and services as needs arise.

“Another aspect is that Big Science is a small world, and many people who work at ESS will later move to other Big Science organisations in Europe. Once a company has supplied products and/or services to ESS, it has a reputation, and news spreads like ripples on water, which will help Swedish companies win contracts with other facilities in the future.”