25 August 2020

Examec – small but weekly orders to CERN

Our member company, Examec in Tomelilla, with specialist expertise in advanced machine engineering, sends small but weekly orders to the mechanical workshop at CERN.

Mats Ohlsson, CEO of Examec

Mats Ohlsson, CEO of Examec

 “CERN is constantly under construction, so they always need the type of services we offer,” explains Mats Ohlsson, CEO of Examec.

 “We’ve built up good contacts and relationships with CERN since 2012-2013, when Examec was involved in a linear accelerator project, under the leadership of the Nuclear Physics division at Lund University. In the project, we formed a strong team with CERN and the university. We were able to demonstrate our expertise, and confidence in Examec grew. People from CERN came to visit us here at the company and, soon after, we won our first order.”

It was a strategically important decision for Examec to start working towards the Big Science market. The company works with advanced machine parts, and is constantly raising the bar in terms of operational reliability and precision. The company is an active member in Big Science Sweden.

“Big Science Sweden keeps us updated about invitations to tender,” says Mats Ohlsson. “They introduce us to research facilities and the supplier network, which is extremely valuable. Benchmarking against other companies gives us a good idea of price and quality levels. Various events have helped us, not least those at which we could book 1-to-1 meetings. Big Science Sweden pushes for and mediates collaboration between small companies, so they can join forces and respond to bigger procurements.”

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