22 September 2021

ESS on Vetenskapsradion

Swedish Radio's science programme, Vetenskapsradion, recently presented a feature on ESS, Sweden's most expensive research facility, which will soon be ready to start testing the proton beam.

Mats Lindroos, Head of the Accelerator Division at ESS

Mats Lindroos, Head of the Accelerator Division, described the current status of ESS, and Press Officer Julia Öberg explained the challenges of running a project in which 13 European countries are collaborating and together delivering a million different parts to this gigantic research facility.

Proton accelerator at ESS

In a few years, the facility will be conducting world-leading research and studying materials at individual atom level, and developing tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals and medical treatments, smarter energy technology, and new motors and batteries.

After seven years of construction, it will soon be time to test the proton accelerator at ESS in Lund. Above ground, the facility still resembles a building site, but below the surface the construction work has come much further, so it will soon be possible to test the proton beam.