14 April 2023

ENCCS provides support in accessing and using supercomputers

Does your company work with computer-intensive analysis or modelling? You can now get access to consultancy services and training – completely free!

Thor Wikfeldt is director of ENCCS.

ENCCS (EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden) supports industry and academia in accessing and using supercomputers. Scientists and engineers at companies and institutions that apply computational methods in their work have free access to valuable expertise, best practices, and hands-on support.

As a state- and EU-financed national centre, ENCCS offers free support to companies looking to adopt HPC (High-Performance Computing) in their R&D work. Companies are given access to EuroHPC supercomputers, consultancy services, and training on how to use these resources effectively and efficiently.

Thor Wikfeldt is director of ENCCS. Thor’s work includes disseminating information about the fantastic support available to companies through ENCCS. He explains how ENCCS can help companies and academia.

“We can guide you before, during, and after you have gotten access to high-performance computers, by providing useful know-how, best practices, and hands-on technical support.”

What type of support would your company like to see?

You can now help ENCCS improve its services by completing a short questionnaire on the ENCCS website. Responses to the questionnaire will serve as a guide in helping ENCCS develop even more useful services to a broad range of beneficiaries. The survey, which takes only 5 minutes to complete, is aimed at all scientists/engineers that apply any kind of computational methods in their work.

The questionnaire is available here: https://enccs.se/services-survey-2023

<p>ENCCS is hosted by  <a href="https://enccs.se/about/ri.se">RISE Research Institutes of Sweden</a> and <a href="https://enccs.se/about/liu.se">Linköping University</a> and funded by the <a href="https://eurohpc-ju.europa.eu">EuroHPC JU</a>, the Swedish Research Council (<a href="https://www.vinnova.se">Vetenskapsrådet</a>), and the Swedish Innovation Agency (<a href="https://www.vr.se">Vinnova</a>).</p>
<p>ENCCS is part of the <a href="https://enccs.se/EuroCC-access.eu">EuroCC project</a>, which is leading the initiative to form and coordinate competence centres in HPC across 33 European countries.</p>

ENCCS is hosted by  RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Linköping University and funded by the EuroHPC JU, the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), and the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova).

ENCCS is part of the EuroCC project, which is leading the initiative to form and coordinate competence centres in HPC across 33 European countries.