22 June 2021

EC Konsult signs new framework agreement with ESS

Our member company EC Konsult AB, with approximately 20 employees, has signed a new framework agreement with the multi-disciplinary research facility ESS to supply technical consultants and services. The agreement extends over two years, and can be extended up to five years.

EC Konsult has previously had framework agreements with ESS, both for technical consultants and services, and software for control systems. At most, the company has had 11 full-time consultants working at ESS on various projects.

Cutting-edge development

CEO Camilia Qvist is pleased that the collaboration is continuing. “For us, ESS is a very interesting high-tech client,” she says. “Working in projects in which we’re developing things that nobody has done before is stimulating and helps us develop.

Building up knowledge about research facilities

Research facilities are always an interesting market for EC Konsult, and the company stays updated about the latest news from the facilities, mainly in Europe but also in the rest of the world.

“We work actively to stay informed and to make new contacts. We take part in Big Science Sweden events and have dialogue with ILOs at different facilities. In this way, we’re gradually building up our knowledge about the different research facilities and broadening our contact network.”

Read more about EC Konsult: www.ec.se

We at Big Science Sweden say congratulations on the new agreement!

NB. ESS is currently entering into agreements with more suppliers regarding technical consultants. We will be providing more information as soon as the list of suppliers is complete.