13 September 2021

Discuss the challenges facing Big Science research facilities

The large European research facilities have identified the challenges they will be facing in the next few years. These challenges will be addressed at the Big Science Sweden AIMday 2021 on 13 October.

The programme item on challenges, as identified by CERN and ESS, attracted 96 delegates 2019. Five applications for pre-studies for joint projects were submitted.

At this event we will be gathering representatives from the research facilities, Swedish industry, and academia around the same table. This is a unique opportunity to get involved in shaping future projects that can meet the research facilities’ needs.

Join the discussions in your areas of interest, and witness the intensity in the Swedish engagement with Big Science, and the facilities’ interest in Swedish industry and research. 

AIMday events are the start of collaborations that can lead to exciting innovations and business opportunities.

Fredrik Engelmark
Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) for CERN